Love Is

Love is the day I first saw you
We’d just met and yet I felt loved
Love is each invaluable moment
spent with you,
Shared memories that’ll forever
be ineffaceable
and the joy I feel is ineffable
Love is this inexplicable
smile in my face
now that I think of you
Love is the tender caress
of your hand to my skin
Love is thine yummy-tastey lips
that surpass luscious honey
Love is listening to the melodic
sound of your voice
that resembles that of a singing bird
Love is when I need someone
and somewhat you avail yourself
Opening wide the door
to your love
so I dwell in a room full of love

Love. . . Oh love. . .

Love is a term
you’re its definition
Love is a question
you’re the correct answer
Love is my travel
you’re my destination
I am L.O and you’re V.E
together we make LOVE
and love makes us one
Love is how much I do love you
Loved is how I feel within
Love is the honor of having
lived by your side
in the story of your life
Love is knowing that you’re happy
Love is how you make me a poet
Love is this poem for you
Love is You…!


You Are

You are Creator; You are Maker
You are Alpha and Omega
You are Lord; You are Savior
You are King of all kings
You are Lion of Judah
You are Great I Am
You are One in the highest
You are the Way and the Truth
You are Love and Life
You are Kind and Generous
Our day to day repast
You are Self-Existent
You are Good Shepherd
The ever present help in trouble
You are All in All
You are Light in the darkness
You are now, then and forevermore
You are God!

A Letter To Mother

Dear Mother,
It’s me your boy
A decade has come and gone
Thou art gone so long
I’m aware you never coming back
But I wish for you to come back
Gone is when we used to chat daily
All I do now is write you a missive
Latterly to read it – All by myself
I keep writing anyway, mother
‘Cause in my heart is a message for you!

And so, Dear Mama…

Ain’t got much but sincere gratitude
For all the things you’ve done, mama
And all the things you’d have done, mama
Knowing you was the genesis of my life
I had all when I had you nigh
I saw love when I saw you coming
You were once in a lifetime blessing
The queen of my heart and my soul
All of me is the work of you
All my life I owe unto thee
Because You Are; So Am I

Dear Mama;

I take pride in being your son, mama
And all my life I’ll keep striving
To make you proud to be my mother
I remember vividly our merry days
When life used to be meaningful
But now it’s all meaningless
Without you by my side, mama
I’m now left holding on
to these old indelible memories
That we once upon a time lived
Yeah, I know you didn’t leave me
But merely preceded me
‘Cause where you are I come
To be with you forevermore
And Death shall part us nevermore
Trust me I swear;
Oh mine beloved Mother!

One Day

One day victory will be my name
Freedom will be my companion

One day the gash will heal
And the pain will be nevermore

One day my light will shine bright
‘Til darkness couldn’t fathom

One day I will not be dreaming
But living my dream will be reality

One day happiness will follow me
Just as my shadow follows me

One day all will be history
And the future will be now

One day my tears and sweat
Will bring me eternal glory

One day I’ll sit at the table
And dine with the Father

Just One Day. . .


A day after yesterday
A time before tomorrow
A place of always and forever now
The journey of life continues
As you ambulate with me.
Tomorrow comes
And there with me you land.
A big delusion it is
That you’ll ever leave my sight

Today. . .

Beginning you have not
End you do not
Just now and always Today!
In bed I sleep at night
Yet to wake up to your company
As you bring forth a week
That brings forth a month
That brings forth a year
Then years. . .
And life goes on today

Today… Today… Today…

Meaningless Tears

I have cried a deep ocean
Thinking I’m letting it all out
Now I find myself drowning
in these tears of my own sorrows
Choking from the cups
of my own bitterness
My togue tasting my acrid soul
that makes I cry even more,
Tears falling down from the eyes
Like rain from the heavens
I watch as they run a marathon
down my innocent cheeks
In vast multitudes they run…
Tears after tears
They keep running infinitely
None can stop them
none can see ’em but the eyes
that brewed ’em deep within the
lacrimal glands
Oh I cry an ocean
I tried to swim but couldn’t reach
the shores
All I see are these meaningless
tears that inundate the surface
and expand to its horizons
Tears I shed back in the year,
the day and the hour
when mama brought me to earth
I cried for unknown reason
like a little baby that I was
Now I’m lost in my own tears
Tears of pain and affliction
Tears of defeat and humiliation
Tears of bereavement and sufferings
It’s all but meaningless tears I see
If these tears will not nourish the
seed of my dream to germinate
and sprout ’till it bears luscious
fruits of fulfilment and true reality
If the tears I cry are to later haunt,
torture, remind me of my anguish
Then it’s meaningless tears I cry
meaningless, meaningless tears

If You Can

If you can count all the plethora
Luminous stars up in the dark sky

If you can reach the core depth
Of the Great Pacific Ocean

If you can stand inches asunder
Facing the fiery eyes of the Sun

If you can enter Yesterday’s door
And preclude the inexorable future

If you can penetrate into my soul
And visit the domicile of my heart

Then can you utterly fathom
Just how much I love you

I Love You

The Sun materializes
Suddenly disappears

I love you

Another day cometh
Another day passeth

I love you

The Earth’s still rolling
Even if it were to cease

I love you

When life smiles at you
When it turns so doleful

I love you

In your youthful days
Unto your senescence

I love you

When time flies swiftly
Towards the end of time

I love you

While my eyes perceive
‘Till they shut for good

I love you

Each breathe I inhale
To the very last I exhale

I love You

I Believe

I believe in another chance
I believe in the present
I believe in the morrow
With new beginnings
I believe in living a dream
I believe in reality

I believe…

I believe in possibilities
I believe in miracles
I believe in God
And the Son of Man
I believe in Me
I believe in life after life

I believe…

I’ll Stand By You

When the sun is broiling
The deluge so intense
I will be the umbrella
Above your head,
I’ll imbibe the fierce heat
Let the hail bash on me
So you remain intact

I’ll stand by you

In your darkest days
When friends are few
I’ll be the only few
To stand by you
Hold you by the hand
And lead the way
Even if it leads to hell
I don’t give a damn
Needn’t you fret, baby

I’ll stand by you

I’ll be the mirror reflecting
Smiles when you’re sad
A painkiller to convalesce
Your wounded heart
When all you ever had is gone
I’ll be all you never had
To watch your back
And scratch it when it itches
To the very end

I will stand by you!