Where Is The Love?

I see no love
There ain’t no life
Blood shed on the streets
Children dying
Can you hear them crying
It’s very weird
How we hate apartheid
While embrace Xenophobia
Since only God can give life
We have no right
To take another’s life
She’s our sister
He’s our brother
From another mother
In another country
Stop the killing
The world needs healing
It got me thinking

Where is the love?

Tell me…
Can you let the poor die
From starvation
When you can be a solution
It’s high time we let love lead
Do away with greed
So we can leave in peace
Sharing is caring
I wonder…
Why we hate to love
And love to hate
Love is the greatest
Life without love is living death
I got love for my neighbour
As I got for myself
Do you love me as yourself?
It got me asking
Where is the love?


Blatant Lie

I Can Live Without You
Do Without You
There Can Be Another You
So I Won’t Beg You
And Won’t Cry If You Left
Should You Find Love Soon
I’ll Be Over The Moon
We’ve Been Trying Longer
Ain’t Doing This Nolonger
I Don’t Love You Nomore
Don’t Need You Nomore
Take Your Love And Leave
Hold On Before You Leave
Babe, We Both Know
It’s Not A Joke. . .
Just A Lie. . .
A Blatant Lie

Oh Woman

She’s A Human
Then A Woman
Young Woman
Old Woman
Oh Woman

She’s My Mother;
My Sister
She’s A Fighter
A Winner
From The Inside
To The Outside
The Head To The Sole
Always True Like A Fact
Even Though Not Perfect
She Takes A Stand
Embraces Responsibilities
To Create Possibilities
In A World Of Realities
Faithfully Made
Wonderfully Made

Oh Woman…

I Appreciate Thee Woman
For All You Do Unto Usward
Everytime I See You
I Worship You
Blessed Be Thy Name Oh Woman
Mother Of Nations
The World Is Doomed
Without Thee Woman
‘Cause Man Is Just A Head
You’re The Brain Within
I Give A Holla To My Woman
Real Woman
Black Woman
White Woman
And You Woman

She’s A Human
Then A Woman
Young Woman
Old Woman
Oh Woman

Life In A Village

I was born in a vill
Surrounded by evil
Raised as a Negro
Some decades ago
No electricity, no opportunity
We embarked on a mission
And took an action
To embrace education
It’s our only hope
To eradicate poverty
But the road is rough
The journey is tough
I’m at war with my people
No love… no peace…
Only hatred
How can a brother
rise against another?
We were supposed to live in unity
And live in harmony
But life in a village
One man’s progress
Is another man’s problem
Growing up in a village
Never easy for a black kid
Still I struggle for my freedom
I hope God gives me wisdom
Still I struggle for my birthrights
Won’t quit ’cause I got rights
And I struggle for survival
I’m looking for revival
So I can beat my rivals!
War in a village
Foes in a village
Life in a village

I Am

I am an image of God
As He Is – so am I
I am a Lion in his kingdom
I reign… I conquer… I roar…
I am a sheep among wolves
They seek to devour my dream
I am Dr Martin Luther King Jr.
I still have a dream
I am dust on the ground
Strike me once and I rise
I am Mohamad Ali
The world’s greatest
I am Floyd Mayweather
So many fights, yet, undefeated
I am a Mozambican soldier
‘Til I die, the struggle continues
Call me Tupac Shakur
Born not to make it, but I did
I am Nelson Mandela
Thank God… I am free at last…
Yes! I Am…!

Don’t Cry

Don’t cry,
wipe ’em tears and smile
This world is a mirror
Face it smiling – it’ll smile with ya
Shush… dear, don’t cry

Though many are tears shed
back in the days of hell,
Ain’t enough to put out the fire
that’s burning you
Born in hell… baptized by fire…
Life for you is a living hell!
Just remember – life is a game
Win or lose, gotta keep playing
Afflicted and Defeated
While tryna breakthrough, 
chasing dreams that seem too far
Futile attempts to hold tears back
from running down your sad face
Eyes glowing and I can tell
You gonna cry

But hey, don’t cry. . .

Of what use is crying?
Look around… nobody cares
Only haters love to see you cry
Don’t give ’em the satisfaction
‘Cause no justification
Why you cry…
Crying is for little ones
seeking attention,
It works for them, but as for you
Wipe ’em tears…
Life’s tough you gotta toughen up
It’s survival of the toughest
No room for the weakest
See, we all got tough times
but we gotta stay strong to survive
Still you cry… How long you cry?

Don’t cry…
Wipe ’em tears and smile
This world is a mirror
Face it smiling – it’ll smile with ya
Shush… dear, please don’t cry

If Thou Ought To Remember

If thou ought to remember
Remember not Summer nor Winter
Remember not Spring nor Automn
They are merely seasons,
changing everynow and again
If thou ought to remember
Let not it be the Sun;
neither it be the Moon
For the Sun is only there for a day
And the Moon only lasts a night
If thou ought to remember
Remember not sweet nor bitter memories
Me and you shared together;
Old sweet memories never return
Bitter memories open old wounds
If thou ought to remember
Let not it be the day I said: “hello”
Nor the day I said: “goodbye”
‘Cause days are passing by
and words are soon forgotten
If thou ought to remember
Remember me – when I’m gone!

Love Is

Love is the day I first saw you
We’d just met and yet I felt loved
Love is each invaluable moment
spent with you,
Shared memories that’ll forever
be ineffaceable
and the joy I feel is ineffable
Love is this inexplicable
smile in my face
now that I think of you
Love is the tender caress
of your hand to my skin
Love is thine yummy-tastey lips
that surpass luscious honey
Love is listening to the melodic
sound of your voice
that resembles that of a singing bird
Love is when I need someone
and somewhat you avail yourself
Opening wide the door
to your love
so I dwell in a room full of love

Love. . . Oh love. . .

Love is a term
you’re its definition
Love is a question
you’re the correct answer
Love is my travel
you’re my destination
I am L.O and you’re V.E
together we make LOVE
and love makes us one
Love is how much I do love you
Loved is how I feel within
Love is the honor of having
lived by your side
in the story of your life
Love is knowing that you’re happy
Love is how you make me a poet
Love is this poem for you
Love is You…!

You Are

You are Creator; You are Maker
You are Alpha and Omega
You are Lord; You are Savior
You are King of all kings
You are Lion of Judah
You are Great I Am
You are One in the highest
You are the Way and the Truth
You are Love and Life
You are Kind and Generous
Our day to day repast
You are Self-Existent
You are Good Shepherd
The ever present help in trouble
You are Light in the darkness
You are All in All
You are now, then and forevermore
You are God!

A Letter To Mother

Dear Mother,
It’s me your boy
A decade has come and gone
Thou art gone so long
I’m aware you never coming back
But I wish for you to come back
Gone is when we used to chat daily
All I do now is write you a missive
Latterly to read it – All by myself
I keep writing anyway, mother
‘Cause in my heart is a message for you!

And so, Dear Mama…

Ain’t got much but sincere gratitude
For all the things you’ve done, mama
And all the things you’d have done, mama
Knowing you was the genesis of my life
I had all when I had you nigh
I saw love when I saw you coming
You were once in a lifetime blessing
The queen of my heart and my soul
All of me is the work of you
All my life I owe unto thee
Because You Are; So Am I

Dear Mama;

I take pride in being your son, mama
And all my life I’ll keep striving
To make you proud to be my mother
I remember vividly our merry days
When life used to be meaningful
But now it’s all meaningless
Without you by my side, mama
I’m now left holding on
to these old indelible memories
That we once upon a time lived
Yeah, I know you didn’t leave me
But merely preceded me
‘Cause where you are I come
To be with you forevermore
And Death shall part us nevermore
Trust me I swear;
Oh mine beloved Mother!