Life is A Jorney

Life is a journey
On this journey
No one holly
Many are greedy
Some are stingy
Oh My Lord
I do my best
I stand the test
Though it hurts
Hold my hand
‘Til the end
Of my journey
Telling my story
Be happy
Never judge
Harbor no grudge
I take charge
It’s my life
Hope to see the light
Shinning bright
Through the night
As I travel
It’s pick-and-shovel
God bless my feet
Pardon my deeds
Fulfil my dreams
So I live in peace
Before I rest in peace
Many thorns
Fierce storm
I stay strong
Backward no way
Forward always
I took my way
I walk my journey
This is my journey
Life is a journey


Dreaming Of A Brighter Morning

I’m living
While dying
I’m trying
While fighting
I’m shaking
Am I winning
Or losing
It’s confusing
I’m praying
God is listening
Probably working
So I’m waiting
While sleeping
I’m dreaming
For something
New beginning
No stressing
I’m smiling
Joy is coming
In the morning

Only God

He has made me
He can save me
He will change me
People judge me
They don’t know me
It’s only God
Who can judge me
My beginning
The road I travel
The evil I traverse
My destination
He alone knows
No eye has seen
Where the sun hides
When the night comes
Nobody knows
The End
From the Beginning
Of all Creation
My days are numbered
What the future holds
Is unpredictable
Yet inevitable
Do I have another day?
I can never tell
Nobody can
Only God!

Khale Ka Khaleni

Garingani wa Garingani
Ndzi tsundzuka madyambu
Ya khale ka khaleni
Hi tshamile exigodlweni
Hi ri karhi hi orha ndzilo
Hi oxa mbhacha
Hi katinga timanga
Hi sweka mantshutshu
Manana a hlaya xitori xa
N’wa-Mpfundla na N’wa-Nghala
A hlaya mintsheketo
A ku ntshayi xa ku famba
Xi nga vuyi
Ndzi ti n’waya nhloko…
Kasi i manana
Khale Ka Khaleni
A hi lumeka makhandlhele
Kumbe mavoni ya pharafini
Hi sweka hi ndzilo wa tihunyi
Hi nga lo tsema enhoveni
Hi endla tshwinga ekaya
Eku kuleni ka mina
A hi tlanga xizwathi
Na xitumbelelani
Kumbe xitumbeta nkhavi
A hi ya enambyeni hi ya khida
Hi phasa tihlampfi
Hi aka swimovhani swa vumba
Kumbe swa tinsimbhi
Sesi a ri chomi ya mina
Boti a ri munghana wa mina
Khale Ka Khaleni
A hi xeva hi thyeke
Ndzi nga vuli bangala
A hi femba majenje
Hi bata tinjiya
Kokwani a kandza xigugu
A yimbelela tinsimu ta buku
Ya mhalamhala
Hiku mhalamhala yi ta biwa
Loko N’wana Munhu a vuya
I Khale hi yi yimerile
Khale Ka Khaleni!

A Poem For Mama

Even Though You’re Gone
In My Heart You Live On
The World May Have Forgotten
That You Ever Existed
Long Live The Queen
Queens Never Die
They Never Say Goodbye
Your Unfailing Love
Created Me
Without You There Ain’t Me
I Got Your Name Running
In My Blood
And Your Smile Running
On My Mind
Your Teachings I Engraved
In My Heart
Pen In My Hand
As I Begin To Scrawl
Many Are Words
But I’m Lost For Words
I Pray You Get The Message
As The Angels Continue
To Play You Sweet Melodies
I Hold On To The Memories
Whilst I Write And Recite
A Poem For Mama

Kasi Ndzi Onhe Yini?

Mi ndzi rhanga mahlweni
Mi ndzi sala endzhaku
Ma ndzi tseketsela
Ma ndzi avanyisa
Mi heta mi ndzi vamba
Ku kotisa N’wana wa Munhu
Mi hleka mi phakatana
Loko ndzi rila ndzi kololwa
Kasi ndzi onhe yini?

Vatswari va hlambe mavoko
Maxaka ya ndzi hlekula
Vanghana va ndzi vondzokela
Vaakelana va ndzi yowetela
Ndzi twa ku vava moyeni
Xana ndzi ta hanya kwini
La misaveni ku tele valala
Va lava nhloko nkambanini
Kasi ndzi onhe yini?

A ndzi teki nchumu xa munhu
A ndzi koloti munhu
A ndzi tleli ka n’wina
A ndzi dyi ka n’wina
Xana mi vaviwa hi yini
Ndzi dlawela ku hanya
Kumbe ndzi fela milorho?
Ndza vutisa ndzi hlamuleni
Kasi ndzi onhe yini?

Before I Die

I’m not dead I’m alive
When I fall I shall rise
Win or lose I will fight
I’ve been to jail I survived
It was hell
In the cell
All I needed was some help
God reached out His hand
Thought I wouldn’t succeed
They burried me I’m a seed
Through every storm I grow
I’m in the dark but I glow
Nobody tells me “go to hell”
I’ve been there now I’m here
All I wish is to see heaven
I gotta die to be in heaven
Just let me live
Before I die
Let me be
Before I die
I’ve got a dream to live
A promise to keep
At night I don’t sleep
Pondering about tomorrow
Will it end my sorrow?
I don’t know…
But still I got hope
I set goals
I let go
And let God
Take control
Of my life
I take responsibilities
Utilize opportunities
And if it’s worth doing I do it
I believe l can make it
They can never understand it
Until they realise my vision
I’m on a mission
Travelling to its completion
Don’t need no obstruction
I just wanna live
Before I die

Where Is The Love?

I see no love
There ain’t no life
Blood shed on the streets
Children dying
Can you hear them crying
It’s very weird
How we hate apartheid
While embrace Xenophobia
Since only God can give life
We have no right
To take another’s life
She’s our sister
He’s our brother
From another mother
In another country
Stop the killing
The world needs healing
It got me thinking

Where is the love?

Tell me…
Can you let the poor die
From starvation
When you can be a solution
It’s high time we let love lead
Do away with greed
So we can leave in peace
Sharing is caring
I wonder…
Why we hate to love
And love to hate
Love is the greatest
Life without love is living death
I got love for my neighbour
As I got for myself
Do you love me as yourself?
It got me asking
Where is the love?

Blatant Lie

I Can Live Without You
Do Without You
There Can Be Another You
So I Won’t Beg You
And Won’t Cry If You Left
Should You Find Love Soon
I’ll Be Over The Moon
We’ve Been Trying Longer
Ain’t Doing This Nolonger
I Don’t Love You Nomore
Don’t Need You Nomore
Take Your Love And Leave
Hold On Before You Leave
Babe, We Both Know
It’s Not A Joke. . .
Just A Lie. . .
A Blatant Lie

Oh Woman

She’s A Human
Then A Woman
Young Woman
Old Woman
Oh Woman

She’s My Mother;
My Sister
She’s A Fighter
A Winner
From The Inside
To The Outside
The Head To The Sole
Always True Like A Fact
Even Though Not Perfect
She Takes A Stand
Embraces Responsibilities
To Create Possibilities
In A World Of Realities
Faithfully Made
Wonderfully Made

Oh Woman…

I Appreciate Thee Woman
For All You Do Unto Usward
Everytime I See You
I Worship You
Blessed Be Thy Name
Oh Woman
Mother Of Nations
The World Is Doomed
Without Thee Woman
Man Is Just A Head
You’re The Brain Within
I Give A Holla To My Woman
Real Woman
Black Woman
White Woman
And You Woman

She’s A Human
Then A Woman
Young Woman
Old Woman
Oh Woman