“I Have A Dream”


From the day I was born to the day I first realized the precise reason I live – I had a dream. Not a dream one normally have during their sleep at night, but a dream whereby you foresee the future in a more pleasant and positive way through the thoughts of one’s imagination. I plan and determine my tomorrow and the kind of person I wanna be in the near future, through a dream! Yes, I am a dreamer, I have a dream! Even though I was just an infant, naive and narrow-minded to comprehend the things happening to and around me; believe you me – from the moment I escaped my mother`s womb, I absconded with a dream. From the cracking of the dawn to the going down of the sun, I bear in my mind and in my heart – a dream. It is a dream I held on tight to from the moment I caught sight to the beauty of this mysteriously and wonderfully created planet of GOD, and everything therein. And even to this very moment you hear this sound of my voice at the back of your mind – I have a dream. In all I do, I think of this dream. When I sit alone in a quiet environment attentively listening to the sound of my thoughts, all I could do is meditate upon this dream.

Not only am I a dreamer, but a dreamer who lives to see his dream fulfilled someday. A dream is a special wish one carries in their heart, and so I carry in my heart – A dream… A wish. The only thing that lies between my dream and I is fulfillment. I live not only to keep on dreaming, but to see that long-awaited special day when I`ll get to live my dream. People may take away from me everything I own, but never shall they take away from me `My Dream’. Every heartbeat I make and every breath I take, is for my dream to keep on existing, kicking and fighting until it materializes. I am obsessed with my dream, my mind is preoccupied with a dream, and I am hypnotized by a dream, a dream I cannot go a day without thinking of. It is a dream entirely attached to my whole being, a dream that completes me. And even though one day I`ll be no more in this inimical world, my dream shall continue to live on. For those who are bound to this dream, will remain and see to it that this dream lives on forever; and even when I sleep to awake no more, I`ll still wear on my face, a beautiful smile and rest assured knowing that my dream has become a pure reality. I have a dream!


I dream of a new planet, a new world where even the impossible will become possible. I dream of a new peaceful life filled with joy and happiness; in a world where today`s sulking will be converted into giggling, and the streams of sad tears that trickle down my face will be transformed into perennial rivers overflowing with tears of joy. Oh, heavens know how I so dream of that day, when my joy will be seventy-seven times greater than the pains I endured all those years. When neither storm nor thunder exist; and the dark cloud that covers the sky and blocks the sun from shinning will fade off like a smoke of fire dispersing in the air. I dream of a day when poverty will only be a story to reminisce of in the near future, and a firm foundation to my great impending success and achievement. Like any tenacious and optimistic student out there, I dream of seeing myself arrayed in a graduation gown someday. I have a dream… A dream of a one big happy family when united and together as one shall we stand with my family and build a new great `Mavundza Empire`. I have a dream of a family in which one day my siblings and I will become supportive parents, uncles and aunt to our obedient children, nephews and nieces. It is in the best of my interest to see to it that one day my parents` legacy is being taken from one low level to another top level.

To my two brothers and sister: It is incumbent on us to make it our top priority that one day we gonna have to lead a good and inspirational life which will leave behind a legacy for our descendants to carry through and pass on to the next and forthcoming generation. I have a dream, a dream of a beautiful and worry-free life when everything that was meant for me, will be mine. I dream of that day when I`ll own the keys of my own dream cars; living in my own dream house to call home. Like a hungry lion lurking behind a bush for a one lost poor prey to pass by, so is my heart patiently waiting and highly anticipating that special and sacred day when I`ll meet my lost rib to complete me; a descent, well-mannered and God-fearing woman who will be a respectful and responsible wife, and a loving and carrying mother to our God-given-children. On top of all these, I have a dream of a new life brimming with joy and happiness! This is a dream embedded deep within my heart, come what may… Be it failure, setbacks, downfall, disappointments, delays, hardships, tribulations or any sort of impediments – Nothing will ever separate me from this dream. It lives within me, without it I’m only a void vessel, for this dream is a clear reflection of whom I shall be tomorrow.

I live to see the day family and friends will congratulate me, moreover, to see the day my enemies will plead to shake my hand and salute me for a battle well fought all those years and eventually triumphed against the all odds. It is my dream, that one day I`ll wake up only to realize that the present is the past, and the future is the present. I bind my goals to my dream, and my dream to my future, so that when the future comes I may live my dream! And all my goals will be attained like a soccer player scoring goals in an open net without a goalkeeper. I,  Akani E. Mavundza, have a dream!



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