Man In The Mirror

Titivated myself one morning
Took to the standing mirror
Right under my nose he stood
Up his fontanel,
Scanning down his soles,
The man duplicates me
Man in the mirror
His skin tone as dark as mine;
His weight and height, mine!
He dressed just as I
I vividly recall, I saw him afore
He’s that man in the mirror
Eyes in his face; ears by the head
But I wonder if he sees me
Or hears mine voice.
I asked his name, he asked mine
I told him mine name
He repeated the same.
I grinned he grinned;
I frowned he frowned
All I do, he does too…
I wanted us talk face to face,
Man to man.
I reached out my hand to seize his
I reached out the next to drag him
He did likewise
I couldn’t bring him out
And into my world,
neither could he
The mirror wall ‘tween us
Kept us worlds asunder
Thought of smashing it
Into smithereens
But I didn’t, I love my mirror,
So bad that I couldn’t
Was he impersonating I
Or was he reflecting I?
I asked myself, without answer
Turned my back and left
Hoping the man is following
He wasn’t, instead took his way.
I so long to converse with you
Man in the mirror.


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