Recreational Drug

I am a recreational drug
My body is composed of tons
Of lethal substances
Long before you were – I was!
Generations have come
Generations have gone
Yet I roam to and fro the earth
As old as the earth we cohabit;
Large as the sky encompassing
The circumference of our planet
So am I…

You anticipatorily await
The day of my demise,
Meanwhile I proceed with
My surreptitious agenda:
To deceive, steal, and destroy
My main target is fixated on
Young People
For they are the hope of the nation
To them I appear beguiling
And enticing
Yet in actuality, I am insidious
A silent killer…
I gulp their future
And grind their hope
I shatter their dreams and render
Them good-for-nothing;
Whosoever subsists on me will
Suffer the mass destruction I pose
Feebleminded and naive are they
They consort with me
Thinking I am a solution.
Quite contrary,
I am a big problem!
I`ll help them change their lives,
So they arrogantly say.
Instead I change them:
I change the way they think
I change the way they behave;
I change the way they perceive
Things around them
I change them dismally
And haphazardly

Yes, I am a recreational drug

A killer epidemic, Spreading
Like unquenchable wildfire
A piercing sword
Forged to annihilate.
A born-genius I turn into a scrap.
School dropouts, Family feuds
and poverty,
All emanate from I
I am a carpet that leads to prison
To they that shun goodness
And follow my course
Lo, I am a recreational drug!


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