She Is A Woman

She is brave and bodacious
A heart of a lion she possesses.
She is not afraid of gripping
The knife by the edge
She is so powerful, yet so faithful.
She is a mother to her offspring
And to the motherless
She is a woman

A woman who embraces wisdom
A woman of understanding;
Whose eyes sparkle with
Everlasting kindness,
Her heart throbs with
Invincible love and generosity
She`s a hand that gives,
A hand that blesses
Our daily bread that fills us full

She gives birth to humankind
And nurtures.
She educates, She motivates.
An intrepid lioness
Shielding her cubs from menaces
A refuge and tower of strength
In the face of evil,
A luminary giving light
In our darkest days.

The strong wind hovering
Beneath our wings,
A big tree providing shade
In a hot wilderness,
A well that never runs dry
In drought.
She is not perfect
Nor infallible
Just simply, A woman.


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