We Live In Fear Under The Sun

From the rising of the Sun
To its setting
When the first rooster crows
In the wee hours
And birds of the air soar up
High at noon
‘Till howling dogs begin
To howl at midnight;
We live in fear under the sun

At nightfall we hit the sack
For some quiescence,
After yet another debilitating
Day for survival,
We doze off, meanwhile
Half of our brain remains awake,
Cognizant of the perilous cloud
Brooding over the roof.
Like a prey spending
Its lifetime in fear of predators
So, we live in fear under the sun

A minute we spend
With Family and Friends,
Reminiscing and laughing
But the assurance to see them
The next – We have not!
So fearsome
The prospect of the Son of Man
Showing up to judge men;
Unannounced finds us
Gratifying our sinful desires.
The air we breathe reeks
Of foboding evil, Fraught with fear
Fear for not knowing how
The future will soon transpire.

So I ponder: Will I set foot into
A new dawn that is now looming?
Yes I will; Perhaps not;
I don’t know, Nobody does
But God who’s in charge
Of the Sun that ripens my day;
If He pleases, it might set on me
Wholly perturbing,
The thoughts of the unknown
Shuddering that the Earth
Might split open and devour us
Or the sun falls down to broil.
We ain’t free at all
We live in fear under the sun


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