Anything For You

Though we may be
A thousand milles asunder
My voice still whispers
Sweet nothings in your ear
And before they could get
past your tympanum,
Words constantly waft
Into the sky above.
But always remember:
Anything for you
For you I’ll cross a river
Overflowing with
Bloodthirsty crocodiles,
Traverse the most darkest
And evil forest
Grabbing the bull by the horns;
Weather a spate of cold
And stormy nights
Accompanied by unceasing
thunders and lightning;
Climb over the mountaintop
Treading on scorpions
And serpents
Just to come through for you,
My dear
I’m not a muderer
My hands are immaculate
Trust me; If needs be
I will kill for you
Wash my hands with the
Blood of your advesaries,
Compromising my demeanor
And values
For the one I so dearly cherish
I’ll sacrifice
It’s so onerous
To forgive and forget
Hurt me a myriad times daily,
See, a myriad times daily
Shall I forgive and forget all
You know why?
‘Cause it’s you – None but you
Anything humanly possible,
For you I’ll do, my dearest


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