There Is A Home

They came like tomorrow
Passed like yesterday
Evanescing like a wisp of smoke
ascending into the air
Now and again fellas hibernate
To emerge never
Jillion of eons, hitherto,
Forlornly we wait and wonder:
Where are they?
Life in this world is transient

We’re merely tourists
exploring the sublime wonders
Of His fingers
Very soon, like a prodigal son
We shall come home.
Home to the Fatherland;
Far across our solar system,
Far beyond the Sun, the Moon,
and the stars in the firmament.
Away from this world;
her Mountains, Forests,
Oceans… Just far…
Past the horizon

It’s a beauteous paradise
adorned with holliness,
A city of transparent gold
With no kinship with poverty.
There is no weeping,
nor mourning, nor pain;
But a land hovering
with tranquil zephyr
That cultivates the soul
with tender loving peace;
Breathing eternal life

When my departing horn blows
Please, lament not
Lest you blight my
Home welcoming banquet,
The singing and chanting
for beatitude
That the last enemy
Death, I have defeated
And home sweet home I come;
Surely, there is a home


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