Hope, My Hope
I fell for your snare
Just when I was way feeble,
Drowning in a deep sea
Of pessimism
Unable to keep my head afloat;
I’d given up trying
‘Cause trying was but futile
Then you came, Oh Hope

You captured my being
Only to feed me hope.
You gird my loins
With a belt of hope
When the outlook is bleak.
You encourage me
To endure adversity
With perfect aplomb;
Oh Hope, You’re the strength
That gives me hope…

I keep hoping even when
Hoping seems hopeless;
I’ve got hope
That it’s all feasible,
The future still auspicious.
I am a convict of Hope,
What have I to do
But patiently cling to the
Little hope left in me.
You have given me hope
Oh, Hope… My Hope!