Meaningless Tears

I have cried a deep ocean
Thinking I’m letting it all out
Now I find myself drowning
in these tears of my own sorrows
Choking from the cups
of my own bitterness
My togue tasting my acrid soul
that makes I cry even more,
Tears falling down from the eyes
Like rain from the heavens
I watch as they run a marathon
down my innocent cheeks
In vast multitudes they run…
Tears after tears
They keep running infinitely
None can stop them
none can see ’em but the eyes
that brewed ’em deep within the
lacrimal glands
Oh I cry an ocean
I tried to swim but couldn’t reach
the shores
All I see are these meaningless
tears that inundate the surface
and expand to its horizons
Tears I shed back in the year,
the day and the hour
when mama brought me to earth
I cried for unknown reason
like a little baby that I was
Now I’m lost in my own tears
Tears of pain and affliction
Tears of defeat and humiliation
Tears of bereavement and sufferings
It’s all but meaningless tears I see
If these tears will not nourish the
seed of my dream to germinate
and sprout ’till it bears luscious
fruits of fulfilment and true reality
If the tears I cry are to later haunt,
torture, remind me of my anguish
Then it’s meaningless tears I cry
meaningless, meaningless tears