A Letter To Mother

Dear Mother,
It’s me your boy
A decade has come and gone
Thou art gone so long
I’m aware you never coming back
But I wish for you to come back
Gone is when we used to chat daily
All I do now is write you a missive
Latterly to read it – All by myself
I keep writing anyway, mother
‘Cause in my heart is a message for you!

And so, Dear Mama…

Ain’t got much but sincere gratitude
For all the things you’ve done, mama
And all the things you’d have done, mama
Knowing you was the genesis of my life
I had all when I had you nigh
I saw love when I saw you coming
You were once in a lifetime blessing
The queen of my heart and my soul
All of me is the work of you
All my life I owe unto thee
Because You Are; So Am I

Dear Mama;

I take pride in being your son, mama
And all my life I’ll keep striving
To make you proud to be my mother
I remember vividly our merry days
When life used to be meaningful
But now it’s all meaningless
Without you by my side, mama
I’m now left holding on
to these old indelible memories
That we once upon a time lived
Yeah, I know you didn’t leave me
But merely preceded me
‘Cause where you are I come
To be with you forevermore
And Death shall part us nevermore
Trust me I swear;
Oh mine beloved Mother!