Love Is

Love is the day I first saw you
We’d just met and yet I felt loved
Love is each invaluable moment
spent with you,
Shared memories that’ll forever
be ineffaceable
and the joy I feel is ineffable
Love is this inexplicable
smile in my face
now that I think of you
Love is the tender caress
of your hand to my skin
Love is thine yummy-tastey lips
that surpass luscious honey
Love is listening to the melodic
sound of your voice
that resembles that of a singing bird
Love is when I need someone
and somewhat you avail yourself
Opening wide the door
to your love
so I dwell in a room full of love

Love. . . Oh love. . .

Love is a term
you’re its definition
Love is a question
you’re the correct answer
Love is my travel
you’re my destination
I am L.O and you’re V.E
together we make LOVE
and love makes us one
Love is how much I do love you
Loved is how I feel within
Love is the honor of having
lived by your side
in the story of your life
Love is knowing that you’re happy
Love is how you make me a poet
Love is this poem for you
Love is You…!